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SX Lure Clothes Moth, 5 pieces

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SX Lure Clothes Moth, 5 pieces

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Product information

SX-Lure is a trap for textile moths. It uses a pheromone attractant specific to textile moths (Tineola Bisselliella), which are easily attracted to the adhesive surface. By using several traps it is possible to determine the location of the infestation in the apartment. The trap can be used in enclosed spaces (grocery stores, kitchens, apartments, warehouses) to trap moths. SX-Lure is supplied in sets of 5 pieces.

Instructions of use: Traps should be placed in storage areas or near items that are at risk throughout the year. If this trap is set as hanging over a surface, then it should be positioned as close to the monitored area as possible. One trap should be enough to monitor a single small space, such as a closet. If the area to be monitored is larger then at least one trap should be used every 5 meters. Place the bait in the center of the trap. The disposable trap and bait should be changed every 6 weeks.  

Attractant: The textile moth cap comes with an attractant. This is in a clear plastic container and the solution inside is odorless and impregnated into the plastic mass. It is a pheromone attractant that cannot be perceived by humans. The container must not be opened when placed inside the trap.

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Manufacturer Russell IPM
Packaging set of 5
Trap type Glue
Get rid of Moths of Clothes
Reusable Are not
Usage Area Indoor