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Fertilizers are natural or synthetic origin materials that are applied to soils or plant tissues in order to supply plant nutrients essential for growth. They can be solid, liquid or gaseous substances that maintain soil fertility, improve crop development, and increase crop quality. While their main purpose is to supplement the natural soil nutrients, they can be of two classifications: straight fertilizers which contain single-nutrients, or compound fertilizers, which contain multiple nutrients.

Whether they are crystalline, powdered or granular, liquid solutions or liquids under pressure, fertilizers can also differ through the way they release their nutrients into the soil. Fertilizers can have a quick release, as they are water-soluble, they can be slow-acting, have a controlled release or they can be stabilized by inhibitors.

Soils which are treated with organic fertilizers remain loose and airy, can hold more moisture and nutrients, and promote healthier plant root development. If chemicals are constantly used, they can deteriorate the structure of the soil, as it affects its microbiotic activity and makes it less fertile.