288i, 3 pieces

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288i, 3 pieces

288i, 3 pieces


Product information

The CatchMaster 288i insect adhesive contains a vanilla-flavored food attractant and has a tape on the back to be set anywhere and in any position. This will ensure the effectiveness of the trap, by having it set in areas with strong insect activity, wherever it may be.

With the CatchMaster 288i, you get a smaller glue trap for spiders and other small insects that will fold into a rectangle or triangle shape. When trying to control spiders in your home, place these small traps in any of the areas, like under beds, behind sofas, and any other areas where you need to get your spider problem under control. Also if you catch a few insects on the glue board these will attract some of your hunting spiders. While the insects are trying to get off the glue board, they become spider bait.

The side window allows for easy inspection and also provides alternate access for insects. CatchMaster 288i (Spider & Insect Trap), comes pre-baited with irresistible attractants such as molasses and vanilla scents. These attractants can help lure insects like roaches as well.

How to use:
Very easy to use, place it in the affected area and wait for the insects to get caught. Check every once in a while.

We use the CatchMaster 288i glue traps, for spider control, even for the brown recluse spiders and many other small insects.

Each trap can be converted into three insect monitoring systems, by using the perforated guidelines to break the large trap.

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Manufacturer CatchMaster
Packaging set of 3
Trap type Glue
Color White
Get rid of Cockroaches American, Cockroaches German, Cockroaches Oriental, Spiders
Reusable Are not
Usage Area Indoor