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Herbicides are chemicals used for the control of unwanted plants, and they are also known as weed killers. They can be classified based on the weed control spectrum, labeled crop usage, chemical families, mode of action, application timing, or method, but the two main categories of herbicides are selective and non-selective. The former is used to control specific species of weeds, leaving the crops unharmed, while the latter is mostly applied in order to clear waste ground, as they kill all the plants they come in contact with. Herbicides are widely used in agriculture and in landscape turf management.

Due to the powerful chemicals used, herbicides need to be applied according to their instructions, as they can have health effects on the person that uses them, or, due to surface runoffs, they can easily get transported and contaminate different surfaces than the ones applied on. If misused, they can cause residual soil or water contamination.

Be sure to select the appropriate product for your situation, and to follow the label directions accordingly.