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Grafting is a method of vegetative propagation of plants, which can be done in spring (March 15 - May) or summer-autumn (July 15 - September 15).

This is the process by which one can combine either two whole plants, or a portion of the plant (branch or bud) with a whole plant, or only two portions of the plant, with the purpose of growing together and coexisting for a long time. The plant or part of the plant that will form the support and the roots is called the rootstock, and the portion of the plant that will form the stem and its branches is called a graft.

The advantages of the grafting process are particularly significant because this is the most efficient and safe method for maintaining and propagating varieties of trees, vines, trees, and ornamental shrubs (rose, elm, silver fir, etc.).
In order to carry out the grafting process, a series of special tools and materials are necessary, its success depends to a large extent on their quality. Among the necessary tools and materials, we mention a knife, scissors, mastic, tape.