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SG 20

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eu stihl sprayer sg 20 - 5

SG 20

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Product information

Stihl SG 20 is no longer manufactured.

STIHL SG 20 is a portable back wearable spray, with an 18 l tank capacity. It is ideal for manual  and accurate spraying substances against pests and liquid fertilizers, on large field areas and in households. The sprayer is equipped with an external pump brass, adjustable conical brass nozzle, pressure gauge, external pressure tank, reinforced hose and reinforced lance.


1  The 18 liters tank with large filler hole is designed for durability , without frequent refills. If the tank must be refilled, this happens clean and quickly through the filler hole, without leaks.
 2  The backpack system is ideal for long uses on larger areas. It distributes even the weight of the spray drift.
 3  Adjustable conical nozzle, made of brass for the economical application of the sprayer, the intensity of the spray boom can be individually adjusted from the brass conical nozzle.
 4  Pressure gauge which can constantly verify the working pressure of the spraying liquid. In this way you can work economically and ecologically.
 5  Pressure hose with net reinforcement and flexible spraying lance it is particularly robust and ideal for long uses.
 6  External pressure pump. To the external brass pump it builds the needed pressure for the use of the spray boom.


1  Backplate
 2  Pressure container
 3  Belt
 4  Pistol
 5  Filter
 6  Pressure gauge
 Nozzle support
10   Vent piece
11   Seal
12   Strainer
13   Liquid tank
 14  Pump
15   Support
16   Pry bar
 #  Machine Serial number

Additional Information

More Information
Manufacturer Stihl
Apparatus Type Sprayers Hand
Apparatus Mobility Hand Carried
Color White
Power Manual