Spray-Matic 20 S

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Spray-Matic 20 S


Product information

The manual sprayer Spray-Matic Birchmeier 20 S is a product made from stainless steel with long life time, with a tank of 20 liters, which allows the spraying at a pressure of 6 bar. It is equipped with Viton seals which are chemically resistant. The tank can be pressurized faster directly to the compressed air network or a hand pump. Its lid opens only when the tank is not under pressure. This pressure can be monitored with the pressure gauge attached to the tank. For safety, it also has attached a pressure reducing valve. The increased hole allows easy fill and evacuation of the device.

The 50 cm lance and the handle are made of brass. The handle contains inside an extremely fine filter, so it is impossible to sack the nozzle, resulting in a higher performance and an even application.

It can pulverize solutions such as: alkaline products, solvents, products containing alcohol, products with mineral oil, thinners, diesel fuel, lubricants ( for products with low viscosity oil included).

Areas of use: cleaning, disinfection, scale removal, degreasing in hospitals, laboratories, industrial kitchens, sanitary facilities and in the food and drink industry etc.

Additional Information

More Information
Manufacturer Birchmeier
Packaging 1 unit
Apparatus Type Sprayers Hand
Apparatus Mobility Hand Carried
Color Grey
Tank Capacity 20 litres
Power Manual