Sun-Shade Grass Manna, 2.5 kg

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Sun-Shade Grass Manna, 2.5 kg


Product information

Manna shadow sun lawn seeds of the highest quality and is suitable for green lawns, lush, shaded areas, and the intense sun.

70% of DEBUSSY arundinacea
-10% Lolium perenne BOKSER
-20% of PANDURO poa pratensis

Application rate: 25 g / m²

Sowing period: early spring to late autumn.

Sown in spring (from 6 ° C soil temperature) until mid-April or autumn. You can get a very good result from mid-September to mid-October.

The best time for seeding the lawn is not the spring, but the autumn from September to October. After the summer months, the soil has a good temperature and the more frequent rainfall allows the seeds to germinate and grow rapidly. 

A special blend of seeds with high tolerance to light and shade;
-Ideal for new crops;
-Uniform, dense, resistant, dark green turf;
-Durable and assertive against the muscles;
-Rapid development;
-High tolerance to heavy traffic;
-Good drought tolerance.

Instructions for use:
-Apply 25 g per m² with the scraper or manually.
-Tips: For uniform spreading, mix the lawn seeds with the same amount of dry sand.
-Spray the land and keep its moisture until the lawn rises.
-Cut and maintain lawn - cut lawn every 2 weeks and not more than 6 cm.
-The lawn should not lose more than half the length - shorten the lawn with a maximum of 1/3 per cutting (Ex: From 9 to 6 cm).
-The Hauert sun-shade will help you achieve remarkable results both in the shade and in the sunny locations.

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More Information
Manufacturer Hauert
Packaging 2.5 kg
Crops Grass
Lawn type Sun-shade