Sport Grass, 2.5 kg

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Sport Grass, 2.5 kg


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The Hauert sports turf is the perfect choice for setting up parks, sports grounds, or green areas.

It contains a mix of the best grass species and lawn varieties, with natural germination accelerator for a quick start, making it robust and healthy.

Ensure a uniform lawn, dark green, and durable lawns, resistant to the stress caused by intense exploitation. 

It has a dense and compact growth and strong regeneration. It develops in both the sun and the shadow.

20% Lolium perenne BOKSER
-30% Lolium perenne ESQUIRE
-20% poa pratensis MIRACLE
-15% of YVETTE poa pratensis
-15% poa pratensis CONNI

Sowing period: early spring to late autumn. 

Sown in spring (at a soil temperature of 6 ° C) until mid-April or autumn. You can get a very good result from mid-September to mid-October.

Application rate: 25 g / m² 

Required steps for planting the lawn:
-Ground preparation - deforestation of the existing vegetation, cleaning, compaction, and leveling of the soil is essential for creating a perfect lawn.
-Seeding the lawn - can be done manually and with a spreader trolley. The depth of sowing is 1-2 cm. We recommend the use of a quantity of 20 to 25 g / m², avoiding too much seed to seed.
-Seedling of spring grass is characterized by rapid growth, warm soil, and favorable climatic conditions. Depending on the mixture of lawn seeds used, it is possible for the first grass to germinate in just a few days, and the first trimming to take place only 4-5 weeks.
-Autumn lawn sowing is characterized by a slower grip but in no way less qualitative. It has enough time to grow up until the cold season. It has the advantage of not producing as many weeds as the spring sown.
-Irrigation - Sprinkle the soil and maintain its moisture until the lawn rises. One square meter of lawn needs about 12 liters of water per week.-Trimming and maintenance of the lawn - perform the first cutting when the lawn reaches a height of 10 cm. Add fertilizer, ventilate, and remove weeds according to the conditions of the lawn.

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Manufacturer Hauert
Packaging 2.5 kg
Crops Grass
Lawn type Sport