Lawn Regeneration Seeds Manna, 1 kg

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Lawn Regeneration Seeds Manna, 1 kg


Product information

Hauert regeneration turf is a special mixture of quick-germinating seeds and is ideal for rapid restoration and regeneration of the lawn. Hauert Lawn Seeds provide quick repairs and refresh the lawn, germinating even at low temperatures.

The Hauert regeneration lawn is the right choice, quickly transforming an unsightly lawn into a dense and green lawn.

-100% Perennial Raigras - Lolium perenne
-35% Lolium perenne BOKSER
-35% Lolium perenne BELLEVUE
-30% Lolium perenne ULTRA

Application rate: 25 g / m²

Sowing period: early spring to late autumn.

-Ideal for repairing and reconditioning the existing lawn;
-Ensures sustainable and dense growth;
-Germinates even at lower temperatures;
-It has greater disease tolerance.

Required steps for lawn regeneration:
-Prepare the surface. Use fertilizer to start turf grass.
-Sow the lawn - lawn seeds should be distributed as evenly as possible.
-Apply 25 g per m² with the scraper or manually. To facilitate manual application, mix the lawn seeds with the same amount of fine and dry sand.
-To germinate, seeds need good soil contact. Therefore, the lawn must be squeezed. If you do not have a roll in hand, you can also use a snow bucket.
-Dive regularly until the lawn rises. Seeds of lawn do not need to dry, otherwise, germination will be interrupted. In warm weather, water daily using 2-3 liters of water per m².
-Cut and maintain the lawn - perform the first cut when the lawn reaches a height of 6-8 cm. Subsequently, the surfaces can be cut regularly.
-Add fertilizer, ventilate, and remove weeds according to the conditions of the lawn.

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Manufacturer Hauert
Packaging 1 kg
Crops Grass
Lawn type Regeneration