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Bait stations are ideal devices for the safekeeping of paste, wax block, pellet, grain rodenticides, and basically any type of rodent poisons (rats or mice), mechanic, and glue traps from non-targeted animals such as cats, dogs, chickens, wildlife. It protects the products placed inside also from difficult weather conditions and dust.

They are made out of plastic, cardboard, or metal. Depending on the diameter of the access opening and the size of each bait station you can use it for rats or mice.  They can be used both in outer or areas and some models can be secured with a key. Some types of stations are partially or entirely made from transparent material, in order to facilitate the checking of the bait and to measure the degree of infestation without touching or opening the station.

If the entry diameter of the bait station opening is larger than 5 cm, any type of rats can enter and feed on the poison. The rodents can squeeze themselves in, so the station doesn't need a larger hole.

Rodents are very cautious when it comes to spaces with a single entrance, so bait stations are equipped with several entrances to facilitate access to the rodents. Bait stations are built in such a way that they cannot allow the access of other animals or children to the bait rodenticides inside of them. Some plastic and metal bait stations are very safe, being very difficult to open, as they are equipped with a locking mechanism with a key safety. They are made with a special compartment for rodenticide which holds the poison in such a way that it cannot fall, even if the station is lifted or moved. Plastic or metal stations are reusable, but it is advisable to keep them clean. Rodents are very sensitive to human or any unusual scent.