Shock Tape Kit

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Shock Tape Kit

Shock Tape Kit

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Product information

The Shock Tape Kit is used to keep birds away and to control the damage they cause.

The Shock Tape Kit has an adhesive tape, easy to apply on tiles, iron, steel, aluminum, wood, plastic, marble and stone. The tape is resistant to weather conditions and can be attached to beams, ledges, pipes, roofs, signs. It is provided with 2 metal wires, connectors and a conductive cable that is connected to an electric generator. The system emits an electric shock, harmless to birds, that scares them, causing the birds to fly away and not return to that location.

Birds do not try to adapt or fly around the tape. That's why the Shock Tape Kit is very effective in keeping pigeons, sparrows, crows and seagulls away.

Shock Tape Kit is a complete package against harmful birds that contains:

- 25 m of adhesive tape;
- 1 electric generator 110/230V;
- 8 m of conductive cable;
- Aluminium sleeves for all wire connections;
- Digital tester;
- Installation Guide;
- Warning Signs.

Additional Information

More Information
Manufacturer Shock Tape
Packaging 1 set
Formulations Metal
Get rid of Birds
Type of effect Touch
Power Grid
Usage Area Outdoor