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BroadBand PRO

BroadBand PRO

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Product information

BroadBand PRO is equipped with a complete sonic system and an ultrasonic control system for birds. This product eliminates the problem of birds. The complete bird control system combines the two Sonic and Ultrasonic waves to get rid of birds through an audio attack.

The sounds produced by BroadBand PRO confuse, disorient, and intimidate harmful birds, thus keeping them away from targeted areas. It is provided with a complete program of customized settings that can be adapted according to your needs and the targeted area/areas.

BroadBand PRO emits a combination of high-frequency sounds/noises and high-frequency sound waves that cannot be heard by humans. Thus:
- Sonic sound waves: use the chirping of endangered birds, but also noises made by birds of prey (all recorded in nature), these sounds scare the birds on an area of up to 6 acres (24,281 m²);
- Ultrasonic sound waves: uses high-frequency sound waves, which cover up to 3,600 sqm. Effectively repels pigeons, seagulls, ducks, crows, blackbirds, sparrows, starlings, swallows, and other birds. It also discourages bats. Ideal for use in warehouses, parking spaces with garage, lots, large gardens, houses and terraces, farms, agricultural land, orchards and vineyards, stables, apartments, buildings, cottages, landfills and storage, any large areas in outdoors with a bird infestation.

- protects buildings and equipment from corrosive bird droppings;
- reduces the risks with a bird infestation;
- elimination of fire risks caused by birds by building nests, in ventilation holes and chimneys;
- saves parks, yards, lands, swimming pools, ponds, lawn from damage caused by birds and maintains the aesthetics of the properties.

Important notes:
- 4-speakers included for maximum coverage (see "Details")
- The message to pest birds is clear: "EMERGENCY: STAY AWAY!"
- State-of-the-art technology decoded, customer support available
- Fully customizable settings allow tailored programming
- Option to add 3 Visual Scares to package for added efficacy
- Ultrasonic covers up to 1.5 acres, Sonic covers up to 6 acres
- Emits a combination of audible noises & high-frequency sound waves that are silent-to-most-humans
- SONIC: Uses naturally-recorded bird distress calls & predator cries; covers up to 6 acres
- ULTRASONIC: Uses high-frequency sound waves; covers up to 1.5 acres
- 4 speakers included – 4 independent speakers with 100 ft. of wire each
- Fully programmable – control volume, sound delays, & daylight / night operation
- Weather-resistant – NEMA type box is designed to withstand outdoor use
- Option to add an assortment of three (3) high-quality visual scare products

Additional Information

More Information
Manufacturer Bird-X
Packaging 1 piece
Get rid of Birds
Type of effect Sound
Power Battery and Grid
Usage Area Indoor, Outdoor