Pheromone Lure Frankliniella occidentalis, 50 pieces

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Pheromone Lure Frankliniella occidentalis, 50 pieces

Pheromone Lure Frankliniella occidentalis, 50 pieces

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Product information

Pheromone Lure Frankliniella occidentalis (50 pieces) is designed to entice the western flower thrips to approach and enter traps where they can easily be identified and counted. Made from natural materials such as rubber and wax to polyethylene and halobutyl, the lures ensure a lasting service life thanks to the constant release and the microencapsulation technology that protects the active agents from oxidation.

- Accurate monitoring of insect populations;
- Slow-release technology;
- Microencapsulation technology;
- A single lure is required for each trap;
- It improves catch rates against unwanted insect pests that show up in your garden, greenhouse, or home;

Action mode:
- The lures attract specimens of Frankliniella occidentalis.
- When used together with Optiroll or Impact Board traps, the lures will help you get accurate information concerning insect presence and numbers;
- Efficient thanks to a unique pheromone that target specific species of insects.

Methods of application:
- Blue traps are more suited for capturing western flower thrips.
- Yellow traps catch fewer eastern flower thrips but can also be used to monitor other species of insects.
- For Optiroll applications, attach them to supports above the crops, with 10 traps per hectare(greenhouses).
- For Impact Board applications, place traps inside crop rows, avoiding contact with the canopy.
- In the case of heavy infestations use one board for every 10 square metres.
- For monitoring, place one board every 250 square metres.
- Traps and lures should be placed very close to each other.

Compatible with Russell IPM traps.

- Change lures every 6-8 weeks for best results.
- Consider climatic and biological factors when considering methods of action against invading insects.
- Record trap catches weekly for correct or twice a week when dealing with high populations.
- Store lures in a freezer at around -20ËšC(sealed pack). This ensures a long period of storage of up to several years.
- Storing lures at 4ËšC will allow them to remain active for a maximum of 1 year.
- Wear gloves when handling the pheromones, to avoid cross-contamination.

Please be sure to read, understand, and follow the full Conditions, Disclaimer, and Directions for Use. Use the appropriate personal safety equipment if required and when needed.

Additional Information

More Information
Manufacturer Russell IPM
Packaging 50 pieces
Formulations Plastic
Crop pests western flower thrips
Trap type Pheromone
Usage Area Indoor, Outdoor
Crops Ornamental plants
Bio Crops Suitable