Bird Spikes 40 Polix - 2 rows, 1 m

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Bird Spikes 40 Polix - 2 rows, 1 m

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Product information

Spines made of stainless steel used against pigeons and birds of the same size.

How to install it:
-The spikes against birds and pigeons are easy and simple to install, without the need for professional pest control equipment.
-They can be mounted on almost any surface, by gluing with adhesive or silicone, or by fixing with screws through the holes specially attached on their base, depending on the support material. When mounting with adhesive, it is necessary to pre-clean the surface on which it is mounted.
-Their base can be easily attached to beams, bridges, and building edges so that birds can no longer find a flat surface on which to sit.
-Due to the fact that they are made of stainless steel, they do not oxidize and are very resistant to moisture, whether it is rain or snow.
-Once mounted, the spikes can be opened, taking the shape of fans, or they can be attached directly, depending on your needs.
-If they are larger than the space requires, they can be cut from them with sturdy scissors or pliers to reach the right size.

Important notes:
Infestation: up to medium pressure areas;
Where to use: trusses, beams;
The base is UV-resistant polycarbonate;

Length - 100 cm;
Width - 1.5 cm;
Footprint protected area - 10.5 cm;
Height: 10.5 cm;
Number of Rows: 2;
Spikes thickness - 1.3 mm;

The displayed price is for 1 linear metre (2 pcs x 50 cm).

Additional Information

More Information
Manufacturer EU
Packaging 2 pieces
Formulations Metal
Get rid of Birds
Type of effect Touch
Power Manual
Usage Area Indoor, Outdoor