Stainless Steel Anti-Bird Spikes, 0.6 m

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Stainless Steel Anti-Bird Spikes, 0.6 m

Stainless Steel Anti-Bird Spikes, 0.6 m

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Product information

The Stainless Steel Anti-Bird Spikes, 0.6 m is an affordable professional solution designed to endure protection against pigeons that invade private property and nest or damage buildings, statues, commercial panels, light posts, etc. The spikes do not damage birds. Instead they are highly irritating when pigeons try to nest or perch. Made from quality materials, the spikes have a long service life, in any kind of weather, delivering reliable results againsts birds.

Product Benefits:
- Effective control against pigeons;
- Suitable for any surface;
- Durable and resistant stainless steel;
- Safe method of action;
- Can be placed anywhere;
- Long service life;
- Economical.

Recommendations issued by the manufacturer:
- Before setting up the spikes make sure that the area is well-cleaned;
- Plan out how to set up the spikes for maximum efficiency;
- Set up the spikes using either silicone, adhesive nails, or other similar solutions.

Please be sure to read, understand and follow the full Conditions, Disclaimer, and Directions for Use. Use the appropriate personal safety equipment when needed.

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More Information
Manufacturer Nixalite
Packaging 1 piece
Formulations Metal
Get rid of Birds
Type of effect Touch
Power Manual
Usage Area Outdoor