E-Bio-Gartner EBT 664

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E-Bio-Gartner EBT 664

E-Bio-Gartner EBT 664

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Product information

E-Bio-Gartner EBT 664 is a multifunctional electric burner, which can be used both to remove weeds and to ignite the charcoal.

It has an extensible and ergonomic telescopic handle, adjustable from 98 cm to 113 cm, which allows you to remove weeds in a comfortable position. The length of the rod can be adjusted with one hand. Also, the burner has a practical bayonet closure, which allows easy and fast storage after use.

The E-Bio-Gärtner EBT 664 burner operates on a voltage of 230 volts. As a result, the device has a capacity of 2000 W and an airflow of 500 liters per minute. It can be set in two positions of 50 ° C and 600 ° C.

How does it work?

The E-Bio-Gärtner EBT 664 burner transmits heat explosions, heating plant cells. Weeds are not burned, the rapid rise in temperature leads to a strong expansion of the cellular fluid, causing the death of weeds. Weeds will be removed by electrically generated heat.

Ecologically removes weeds, easily and quickly! The guaranteed long-lasting effect, the weeds being permanently removed!

The E-Bio-Gärtner EBT 664 burner can also be used as a paint burner. Set the burner to the lowest temperature (50 ° C) and keep a distance of at least 10 cm. This way, you can remove old paint in seconds.


- Electric burner for weed control - no gas, no open flame;
- Short heating time until a perfect operating temperature is reached;
- It has 2 temperature settings: 50 ° C and 600 ° C;
- High quality ergonomic and telescopic handle, adjustable from 98 cm to 113 cm;
- Practical locking - bayonet closure;
- Optimized burner location for excellent results - precise treatment: does not pose a risk to surrounding plants;
- Cable tension relief (slight decrease in cable tension) tested.
- Coal ignition accessory, included;

Technical specifications:

- Network voltage: 230 V ~ 50 Hz;
- Rated power: 2,000 W;
- Airflow: 500 liters/minute;
- Cable length: 0.35 m;
- Dimensions: 9.5 x 8.5 x 98 cm (L x W x H).


- Ecological: no toxic substances.
- Remove weeds easily and quickly by heating.
- Precise treatment: does not pose a risk to surrounding plants.
- Extensible and ergonomic telescopic handle.
- The long-term effect, the weeds being permanently removed.

Additional Information

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Manufacturer CFH
Packaging 1 piece
Formulations Metal
Power Grid
Type of Apparatus Burner
Usage Area Outdoor