E-Bio-Gärtner EBG 663 Electric Weed Burner

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E-Bio-Gärtner EBG 663 Electric Weed Burner

E-Bio-Gärtner EBG 663 Electric Weed Burner

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Product information

E-Bio-Gärtner EBG 663 is the ideal solution for removing weeds simple and fast, without chemicals. Remove weeds ecologically, grown in the garden, lawn, or plant layers on walls or between paving, in just five seconds.

Heatshield concentrates the heat on the weed, jet nozzle providing a special burner flame highly targeted and compact, with very low risk of destroying other crops. The burner is ideal for treating large areas, but can also be used for lighting charcoal grill.

How does it work?

It's very simple. This innovative weed burner works by transmitting bursts of thermal heat which result in the plant cells dying from root to tip, without the use of dangerous flames. All you need to do now is let them compost into your border, or sweep your patio to remove the debris.


- Electric weed killer;
- Easy removal of weeds by heating;
- With two temperature settings: 50 ° C / 600 ° C;
- Cable: 1.8 m;
- Mains voltage: 230 - 240 V ~ 50 Hz;
- Rated power: 2000 W;
- Air flow: 500 liters / minute;
- Only 45 second warm-up time;
- Use only outdoors. 


- Environmentally friendly - eliminates the use of toxic chemicals and reduces the risk of potential fires: no gas, no flames, no pesticides;

- Removes weeds easily and quickly by heating, in only five seconds: direct the heat flow to weeds and excessive heat will destroy the plant;

- No risk of damaging surrounding plants: precise treatment due to the directive cone;

- Compact and innovative design: detachable handle for easy storage and built-in retractable stand;

- Can be used even in bad weather due to flame stabilizer;

- Long-term effect.

Application: Burning, flaming, warming up, lighting scope of application, Garden, weeds, barbecue, front yard, terrace.

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Manufacturer CFH
Packaging 1 piece
Type of Apparatus Burner
Color Blue
Usage Area Outdoor