Flock Reflector

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Flock Reflector

Flock Reflector

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Product information

Flock Reflector is a shinny device that use the sunlight and wind to create a blinding light that keeps the bird away.

-it creates a constant flashing during the day that disturb birds and make the area safe;
-it disorients and irritate the birds;
-it can be installed on any surface;
-it can be fixed with glue or with screws;
-due to its shape, the birds can not land on it;
-it protects crops and orchards;
-reduce damages caused by birds;
-it protects buildings, types of equipment, and vehicle by corrosive bird droppings;
-it prevents spreading bacteria and viruses that can be carried by birds;
-reduce noise caused by birds.

Flock Reflector can be used in any area with sunlight and wind. For large areas, it is recommended to use a Flock Reflector every 15-18 m.

Targeted pests: pigeons, wild ducks, and geese, seagulls, sparrows, starlings, woodpeckers, crows, blackbirds, swallows, and more.

For maximum protection in controlling birds, it is recommended to be used as a part of the pest control treatment ( it can be used combined with a smell or taste repellent).

Coverage: 15 m;
Sizes: 28 x 30.5 cm;
Weight: 500 g.

Additional Information

More Information
Manufacturer Bird-X
Packaging 1 piece
Get rid of Birds
Type of effect Optic
Power Manual
Usage Area Outdoor