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Indoor Laser

Indoor Laser

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Product information

Bird-X Indoor Laser is a remote laser device for controlling pests birds. This device uses laser technology at random intervals and generate red and green lights to scare the birds.

-it is highly efficient during the night but it can be used also in the daylight;
-it disorients and irritate the birds;
-reduce damages caused by birds;
-due to its remote control it can be used from any location;
-it covers approx. 930 sqm;
-it protects buildings, types of equipment, and vehicle by corrosive bird droppings;
-it reduces noise caused by birds;

Targeted pests: pigeons, swallows, wild ducks and geese, starlings, woodpeckers, crows, bats, rodents, and more.

For use in: it is recommended to be used indoor during the night or in dark places in the daytime.

For maximum protection in controlling birds, it is recommended to be used as a part of the pest control treatment ( it can be used combined with a smell or taste repellent or with other similar devices that will produce a synergistic effect).

Sizes: 25.4x22.9x12.7 cm;
Weight:1.5 kg;
Laser power: 1mW RED+1mW GREEN;
Power: AC 100v-240v, at 50/60Hz;
Electric Current: 100mA;
Classification: 3R;
Fuse: 2A ;
Housing: Casting aluminum;
Beam Divergence: 60°;
Operating Temperature: 32–104°F/0–40°C;
Safe Temperature for Use: 32–95°F/0–35°C.

Additional Information

More Information
Manufacturer Bird-X
Packaging 1 piece
Get rid of Birds, Bats
Type of effect Optic
Power Grid
Usage Area Indoor