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  • Mice,
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Product information

MouseStop is a special sealing paste that was built to prevent rodent invasions. It consists of a sealant that will quickly harden on the outside while the inside - which contains the active repellent ingredients, will remain soft. If rats and mice manage to breach the hardened sealant, they will be blocked by the soft inner core. MouseStop is designed for home use and for businesses that operate in food production, processing, and distribution sectors. The product does not contain pesticides or biocides and is made only from natural ingredients and polystyrene granules, making it safe for humans and household pets.

- Usable by both professionals and the general public;
- Rodent repellent and sealant;
- Safe and effective;
- Non reusable;
- Color: White, Gray;
- Weight: 300 ml;
- Material: Gel.

To be used for/with:
- Rats, Mice, Outdoor, Indoor;
- To seal crevices and holes where rodents may gain access;
- Cast Iron, PVC, and Steel pipes, Masonry;
- Cracks and holes.

- Do not tamper with the Silver Disc on the front of the Dazer;
- Avoid damaging the unit as it may cause it to malfunction;
- Do not use on humans;
- Only use for deterring and training canines;
- Make sure the work surface is clean and dry;
- Use a sealing gun to apply the MouseStop paste;
- Make sure the sealant has at least a thickness of 10 mm;
- Smooth the surface with a spatula;
- Wait for up to 48 hours for the surface to dry.

Please be sure to read, understand and follow the full Conditions, Disclaimer and Directions for Use. Use the appropriate personal safety equipment when needed.

Additional Information

More Information
Manufacturer iPestControl
Packaging 300 g
Formulations Gel
Get rid of Mice, Rats
Type of effect Touch
Power Manual
Usage Area Indoor, Outdoor