TF-W 60 E

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TF-W 60 E

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Product information

Portable and highly performant, the TF-W 60 is a standard professional fog generator with the same proven resonator configuration like on the TF 95 HD model. Flexible in usability the machine excels thanks to an efficient horizontal reach and easy handling. Especially designed for water-based solutions, even with pure water it has exceptionally results in application.
You don't need to worry about damage because all the parts that get into contact with the solution are made of stainless steel. The machine is very versatile and is suitable for applications in various fields. Configuration of carburettor/resonator is identical with the one on the TF 95 HD.

- Weight: 28.2 lbs;
- Fuel tank capacity: 0.66 gal;
- Power : 33 KW / 45 HP;
- Dimensions in inch: 54 x 14.4 x 13.2;
- Fuel consumption: 0.9 gal / h;
- Flow rate: 7.9 gal / h;
- Energy supply: 4 x 1.5V;
- The pressure in the solution vessel - 0.3 bar.

This product can be used:
- For plant protection and disinfection;
- In greenhouses, agriculture.

How to use:
Please be sure to read, understand and follow the full Conditions, Disclaimer and Directions for Use. Use the appropriate personal safety equipment when needed.

Additional Information

More Information
Manufacturer Igeba
Packaging 1 unit
Shelf life (years) 10+
Formulations Metal
Type of Apparatus ULV-Thermal Fogger
Apparatus Mobility Vehicle Mounted
Color Gray
Tank Capacity 5.7 litres
Power Petrol Engine



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