TGA 01 Gun

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TGA 01 Gun

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Product information

The TGA 01 Gun is a universal insecticide gel gun suitable when regular spray insecticides cannot be used and comes in very handy when applying insecticides in hard to reach areas. The gun is made out of plastic and metal parts that are easy to clean, and low maintenance, making the gun easy to use and reusable. The TGA 01 is easy to use, the quantity of dispensed gel can be controlled and it offers great precision when spreading the gels or special bait with the help of the plastic axis that can pre-set the amount of product that is to be used. Each pull of the trigger delivers the same amount of bait, reducing costs. Because of its lightweight and the ergonomic grip, the can gun can be used for extensive use.

- Easy to use and durable, impossible to destroy if used correctly;
- Offers a controlled dosage of gel each stroke;
- Leak proof prevention system;
- Compatible with most insecticide gel syringes;
- Offers access to hard to reach areas;
- Usable by both professionals and the general public;
- Manual gel gun;
- Safe and effective;
- Compatible with almost all syringes;
- Reusable
- Colour: Black;
- Material: Plastic.

To be used for/with:
- Insects;
- Indoors, Outdoors;
- Cracks, crevices, pipes, ventilation systems, behind and underneath furniture.

- Clean the gun after each use;
- Use the gun with gel baits that come in 0.7 oz, 1 oz and 1.2 oz canisters. One 1 oz tube can cover up to 985 ft.

Please be sure to read, understand and follow the full Conditions, Disclaimer and Directions for Use. Use the appropriate personal safety equipment when needed.

Additional Information

More Information
Manufacturer Ghilotina
Packaging 1 piece
Shelf life (years) 10+
Formulations Plastic
Power Manual
Type of Apparatus Bait Gun
Color Black
Usage Area Indoor, Outdoor



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