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Waspinator is the award-winning and best-selling wasp repellent, very easy to use, and with visible results. It works by mimicking as an enemy nest, no mess or chemicals just hang it up, and that's it, without disturbing the insect world in your garden.

The Waspinator is a fake wasp nest that will act as an effective natural deterrent, helping to eradicate wasps from garden areas. When foraging wasps see another wasps nest they stay away for fear of being attacked by the nest's defenders, making your outside area wasp free.

Waspinator is a wasp repellent which creates a wasp free area zone anywhere you use it, indoors or outdoors, large enough to eat, drink, socialize, or play, without the use of harmful poisons and without killing or harming any wasps. It is a natural and ecologically friendly product that will get rid of wasps without harming them.

If you use a couple of Waspinators strategically placed you can clear wasps from the areas you wish to use, and reduce the number of painful and unpleasant encounters you have with wasps, and vice-versa, and you won’t upset the ecological balance in your garden. No mess or chemicals to clear up, no dead wasps, no maintenance, and no wasps. Based on an age-old remedy Waspinator repels wasps by mimicking an enemy nest.

How it works:
If a wasp nest is very close to the area you wish to use for human activity, the wasps from this nest may regard that area as their own territory and may get close enough to the Waspinator to use their sense of smell to realize that it isn’t real. In this instance, if the Waspinator is not working effectively, you may need to resort to dealing with the wasp nest. After this has been done, the Waspinator will protect you from wasps from another colony and will give you a Wasp Free Zone to enjoy.

-The amazing wasp repellent keeps wasps away from outdoor or indoor living areas;
-Requires no maintenance and can be moved around the garden or taken on picnics etc.
-No cleaning, no maintenance, no dead wasps. Just hang it up and that's it;
-No chemicals, environmentally friendly, wasp friendly;
-Changes wasps behavior rather than trying to kill them;
-Clears an area 6m in diameter simply by mimicking a wasps nest. Much more effective when working as a pair increasing the wasp free area to 12 sqm;

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Manufacturer Waspinator
Packaging 1 piece
Get rid of Wasps
Type of effect Optic
Power Manual
Usage Area Indoor, Outdoor