Tephritidae Trap, set of 38

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Tephritidae Trap, set of 38

Tephritidae Trap, set of 38

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Product information

Tephritidae Trap, set of 38, is a highly durable and easy-to-use fruit fly monitoring trap that can be used for indoor and outdoor crops. The yellow colour of the traps makes it attractive to the insects, with higher chances that they will approach and enter. Efficient monitoring ensures the best control methods can be practised as soon as necessary, saving your crops from unwanted damage.

- Durable design for both indoor and outdoor use;
- Yellow colour improves catch rates;
- Usable for multiple seasons;
- Simple to use and maintain.

Action mode:
The trap makes fruit fly monitoring very easy. It features three funnel entrances through which insects can enter the trap and remain stuck inside where they are eliminated.
Can be used against the Mediterranean fruit fly, oriental fruit fly, olive fly, and melon fly.

Methods of application:
Set up the trap in your orchard or anywhere else to determine the presence and level of a fruit fly infestation.

Compatible with most insect attraction pheromone lures.

Replace the lures every 6 weeks to maintain the efficiency of the traps.
Empty the traps every week to avoid them filling up with dead insects.

Please be sure to read, understand, and follow the full Conditions, Disclaimer, and Directions for Use. Use the appropriate personal safety equipment if required and when needed.

Additional Information

More Information
Manufacturer Russell IPM
Packaging set of 38
Formulations Plastic
Crop pests fruit fly
Trap type Pheromone
Usage Area Indoor, Outdoor
Crops Citrus, Fruit Trees, Melons, Olive
Bio Crops Suitable