4 The Birds, Bird Repellent Gel 666N

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4 The Birds, Bird Repellent Gel 666N

4 The Birds, Bird Repellent Gel 666N

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Product information

4 The Birds, Bird Repellent Gel is a clear, sticky gel used to keep pigeons, swallows, starlings, sparrows and other harmful birds at bay. The repellent acts as a sticky backing that disturbs birds, forcing them to leave the treated area immediately.

4 The Birds, Bird Repellent Gel protects areas and reduces bird damage. Apply it to the edges of buildings, ledges, beams, bollards, street signs, statues and other outdoor locations to repel birds and force them to seek other resting or nesting places.

Can be applied to any structure and surface;
Works at temperatures from - 9.5°C to 90°C;
Can keep birds away for almost a year, depending on the environment.

How to use:
Clean the application surface thoroughly, removing dirt, bird droppings and other debris; Take protective measures as bird droppings are toxic;
Cut the tube tip carefully so that you can later close partially used containers;
For a professional application use a universal gel or silicone gun. Pull the gun's plunger back and insert the tube into the gun, then by squeezing the trigger, apply the gel to the desired surface;
The effectiveness of the gel can be reduced by environmental factors, so if it is completely covered, remove the existing gel, clean the surface thoroughly and reapply;
It is recommended to use 4 The Birds Bird Repellent Gel on any surface where pest birds may land and require protection against them.

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More Information
Manufacturer JT Eaton
Packaging 1 piece
Formulations Gel
Get rid of Birds
Type of effect Touch
Power Manual
Usage Area Indoor, Outdoor