Guardian-2 Single Rotary

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Guardian-2 Single Rotary

Guardian-2 Single Rotary

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Product information

Guardian-2 Single Rotary cannon is ideal to protect crops, orchards and other areas where getting rid of birds and wildlife is essential to avoid losing crops.

Guardian-2 Single Rotary is the most effective model due to its automatic rotating system, which allows it to vary the direction of the detonations by 90º for each detonation.
Its tripod allows to elevate itself up to 1.50 meters high, achieving a more widespread sound and a larger protected area.

The Guardian-2 Single Rotary works with a piezoelectric system - the property of certain materials to generate an electrical charge in response to applied mechanical stress. This property, and the fact that the rest of the device is completely mechanical, contribute to a minimum of defects that can occur.

- It works on butane or propane gas; When temperatures fall below 9 degrees, only propane will be used;
- Explosions can be programmed for the desired frequency, starting from 1 minute to half an hour;
- Due to the special configuration, the explosions always have 120 decibels;
- Protects an area of 3 – 3.5 hectares, depending on crop and settlement;
- The whole mechanism is galvanized, which means that the Guardian 2 will continue to operate even under extremely unfavorable meteorological conditions.

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More Information
Manufacturer Gepaval
Packaging 1 piece
Get rid of Birds, Foxes, Rabbits, Wild Pigs
Type of effect Sound
Power Gas Cylinder
Usage Area Outdoor