Bird net 17x17 mm, 2.4x8 m

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Bird net 17x17 mm, 2.4x8 m

Bird net 17x17 mm, 2.4x8 m

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Product information

The net for catching birds can be used to catch sparrows, pigeons and starlings.

The net is made of very resistant textile material, specially designed not to be noticed by the birds in flight. It measures approximately 8 meters x 2.4 meters, has four (4) gripping pockets, a threaded edge around the perimeter and a loop at each corner. All ropes have a loop at each end to make the installation easier.

The net offers safe protection against birds, without injuring them, they avoid the protected area over time.

It is forbidden to use the net to catch endangered or protected bird species. The captured birds will be released as soon as possible.

Instructions for use:

At the time of installation, "pockets" are created by individually lifting the 4 lower loops by approximately 10 cm and tying them.

By lifting loops 2, 3, 4 and 5 on each side, pockets are created in which the birds roll and are caught.

Most often, the birds that hit the net do not get confused, they roll in their pockets so that they can be taken out and released elsewhere.

It can be used successfully to prevent damage caused by birds in industrial halls and buildings, against pigeons and small birds that can cause significant damage in industrial environments or can aesthetically affect the facades of buildings.

If it is mounted correctly, the net will not cause any discomfort and will not hurt the captured birds!

Packing: available in nets of 8 x 2.4 m / 19.2 sqm.

Mesh size: 17 x 17 mm.

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Manufacturer EU
Packaging 1 piece
Formulations Textile
Get rid of Birds
Type of effect Touch
Power Manual
Usage Area Indoor, Outdoor