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Agita 10 WG 400 g

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Agita 10 WG 400 g

Agita 10 WG 400 g

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Product information

Agita 10 WG, 400 g is a fly insecticide, very efficient against Musca domestica, the common household fly. The product is intended for the agricultural industry but can be used successfully in other applications as well.

- Efficient against house flies (Musca domestica);
- Up to 6 weeks residual action;
- Eliminates both female and male specimens;
- Contains powerful pheromone lures, making it irresistible to flies;
- Also offers efficient control against litter beetles (Alphitobius diaperinus).

Action mode of Agita 10 WG:
- it lures and eliminates flies;
- with the help of the pheromone lures, flies will constantly be drawn to the bait;
- the bait has a lethal effect against the insects on contact and ingestion.

Agita 10 WG uses the active substance Thiamethoxam, a broad-spectrum insecticide that stops the transfer of information between nerve cells and leads to paralysis and ultimately the death of the targeted insect.
The formula contains an effective fly bait that encourages both male and female house flies to remain in treated areas and consume or come into contact with lethal doses of the product. This unique formulation affords the user up to 6 weeks of residual activity when applied according to label directions.

Methods of application:
- Use the suspension on the day of mixing;
- Apply onto small surfaces using a brush or low-pressure spray;
- Do not apply on metal and glass surfaces to avoid excessive runoff;
- Apply only in locations inaccessible to children, pets, or wildlife;
- Use around cracks and opening in walls and ceiling;
- Use 25 g of Agita 10 WG mixed in 200 ml of water to cover a floor surface of 100 m2;
- For areas with massive infestation (farms, stables, landfills): Mix 100 g of product with 80 ml of warm water until a solution of paint consistency is obtained. This amount is sufficient for the surface of 80 - 120 sqm wall / ceiling;
- For domestic use (terraces, houses): sprayers will be used with a dilution of 50 - 60 gr of product per 0.5 liters of water for an area of 150 - 200 sqm protected;
- Do not apply these treatments on the whole surface as in the case of classic insecticides, but only locally;
- For outdoor or indoor application, a brush is used and the treatment is done in the form of spots or the version with a low pressure pump;
- The spot application lasts longer.

- The spray should be applied after cleaning the spot where you want to use it.
- The spray should be applied where the pests primarily live.
- The area around any cracks or openings in the ceiling or walls should also be sprayed.
- For a long-term efficiency of both treatments, it is recommended to apply them on the areas where the sun does not beat directly and where it does not rain.
- The insecticide for flies is biodegradable and washes with water.

Please be sure to read, understand, and follow the full Conditions, Disclaimer, and Directions for Use. Use the appropriate personal safety equipment if required and when needed.

Additional Information

More Information
Manufacturer Elanco
Packaging 1 piece
Destination use Professional
Shelf life (years) 2
Formulations WG-water dispersible granules
Application Type Low pressure spray, Paint on
Active Substances Thiamethoxam, Z-9-Tricosene
Active Substance Concentration 100 g / kg; 0.5 g / kg
Mode of action contact, ingestion
Odor slight
Get rid of Flies

Precautionary Statements

P101, P102, P103, P273, P391, P501
H400, H410