XT1 Nano K0276

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XT1 Nano K0276

XT1 Nano K0276

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Product information

XT1 Nano K0276 is an ultra-compact magnetic device, ideal for quick lifting of medium and large weight sewer covers. Weighing only 2 kg, it has an incredible lifting power of up to 230 kg, thanks to the neodymium type magnets. The round base has 6 neodymium magnetic pads.

The upper handle has a double function: it can be used as a hook for lifting non-metallic lids, or it can be used as a chisel for breaking and breaking the hard inlays that always clog the sewer covers. It is extremely useful in situations where the magnetic part cannot be used.

It opens and bends with one hand, attaches tightly to metal covers, and can be detached in one go.

XT1 Nano K0276 is compact and easy to tighten, can be handled and transported easily, and can be stored anywhere, even under vehicle seats.

It comes with an anti-magnetic plastic cover to insulate the magnet during storage. It prevents unwanted contact with metal objects.

XT1 NANO is a modern, efficient, and practical device that cannot be missing from your equipment.

- Base diameter: 11 cm

- Length (extended): 70 cm

- Dimensions (tight handle): 40 x 8 x 15 cm

- Lifting power: 230 kg (under normal conditions of use)

- Material: Quality steel 38NCD4

Additional Information

More Information
Manufacturer Doa Hydraulic Tools
Packaging 1 piece
Formulations Metal
Power Manual
Type of Apparatus Cover lifter
Color Grey
Usage Area Outdoor