Victor Fly Magnet M382

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Victor Fly Magnet M382

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Product information

Victor® Fly Magnet™ M382, 4 litres

Best Used For: Attracting and trapping flies. Control those pesky disease-carrying flies in your yard - the patented non-poisonous bait is the most effective on the market!

The Victor® Fly Magnet™ attracts and traps flies. The attractant lures them in, they can't escape and they drown. This patented non-poisonous bait, included with each trap, is the most effective bait on the market - it out-performs competitive products 20 to 1! For outdoor use. Safe around children, pets and the environment, these are ideal to use at your backyard party.

Victor® Fly Magnet™ bait can also be purchased separately. Click here to stock up on the bait so you can continue to re-use your trap!

Directions for Use:

  • Open fly trap.
  • Empty contents into trap.
  • Add warm water until 1/4 full.
  • Swirl to mix.
  • As trap fills, add water to keep flies submerged.
  • Bait can be reused by removing dead flies and adding enough water to return liquid bait to fill line.
  • Replace bait when you notice a marked decrease in the number of flies caught in the trap.

Additional Information

More Information
Manufacturer Woodstream
Packaging 1 piece
Formulations Plastic
Trap type Attractant
Protected Surface 101 mp+
Get rid of Flies
Reusable Can be
Usage Area Outdoor