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Bed Bug Monitor


Product information

The Bed Bug Monitor is a tool for professional use, ideal for both locating and control of infestations with bed bugs.

The human body is simulated by the combination of heat and CO2. Bed bugs are attracted this way and remain stuck on an adhesive surface. In this way, you can detect a bed bug infestation or you can check a control measure for its effectiveness. 

Instructions for use:

1. Unscrew the cap from the bottle, then open the cap and take out the starter capsule,
Carefully pull off the green half of the capsule, taking care to keep it upright,
2. Pour the content of the starter capsule into the bottle and then empty the capsule halves into the bottle as well,
3. Fill the bottle with 20 - 25 °C tap water up to the marked line (arrows) - (make sure the water is not over 25 °C ),
4. Screw the cap on tightly,
5. Tear or break off the cap,
6. Place the bottle in the monitor, with the top inside the tube,
7. Attach the CO2 adapter,
8. If used properly, CO2 should start being produced within 48-72 hours,
9. The device will supply continuous CO2, up to 4-6 weeks.

Important notice:
The interchangeable CO2-generator should be activated before use. After about 48-72  hours it provides CO2 continuously for up to 4 – 6 weeks. The integrated heating element (90 - 264 Volt / 47 - 63 Hz connection) heats up to approximately 50 °C within the bed bug monitor. This heat passes to the exterior continuously, creating an ambient temperature of approximately 25 – 30 °C in the surrounding of the bed bug monitor.

Once started, the process cannot be stopped for the next 4 to 6 weeks. It produces no smell or sound. The liquid will not decrease, as it is only a carrier material. It’s recommended that you replace it after 4 weeks.

The Bed bug monitor has to be placed in an empty room, as close as possible to the bed. The presence of people in the room may lead to a competitive situation for the bed bug monitor, therefore the detection of infestation could be affected. Bed bugs will not leave their hiding places after the feeding process for a few days, weeks or months. This is why at the beginning you may experience a delayed effect. We recommend that you keep the device active for a couple of days.

The bed bug monitor has a 1-meter radius action range. This is why the bed bug monitor should be placed near the bed or where the infestation has occurred. You may place several devices, depending on the room size and level of infestation. Regular inspection should be carried out regularly. The first inspection should be carried out after approximately 1 week. Depending on the result, the position of the Bed bug monitor may be changed in order to locate the point of infestation.

The adhesive surfaces and the CO2-generator are available separately and can be reordered. The bed bug monitor is ideal for use by pest control operators within their service, as well as hotels, hostels, etc.

The Bed Bug Monitor successfully monitors bed bugs. For complete control, we recommend the application of treatments with characteristic professional insecticides.


Sales Packaging with 1 piece bed bug monitor (including 1 piece CO2-generator and 2 pieces adhesive surfaces)

Retrofit kit is available:
Adhesive surfaces, set with 12 pieces
CO2-generator, carton with 6 pieces

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Manufacturer Frowein 808
Packaging 1 piece
Trap type Electric
Color Grey
Get rid of Bed Bugs
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Usage Area Indoor