Angae Fog 2.5

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Angae Fog 2.5


Product information

ULV Generator Angae Fog 2.5 can spray multiple substances from pesticides and insecticides to disinfectants and air fresheners etc. It has the ultra-low volume particles technology which has its own advantages: allows an even spray and covers a bigger space than usual sprayers. Also, it reduces the costs of substances and electrical power comsumption. The device has a non-stop system of the solution which gets from the tank to the nozzle very fast, without destabilizing the operator due to its small design (2.5 litres tank capacity) and light weight (2 kg).

Use in:

ULV Generator Angae Fog 2.5 can be used in houses,  public institutions, educational buildings and commercial ones.

Technical Features
Motor output 700 W
Power source 110V/220V
Spray distance 5-10 meters
Particle size 5-20 microns
Tank 2.5 litres
Dimensions 14 x 42.5 x 24 cm
Weight 2 kg
Power cord length 6 meters

Additional Information

More Information
Manufacturer SM Bure
Packaging 1 unit
Apparatus Type Cold Foggers
Apparatus Mobility Hand Carried
Color White
Tank Capacity 2.5 litres
Power Electric Engine