Impact Yellow, 10 x 25 cm

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Impact Yellow, 10 x 25 cm


Product information

IMPACT yellow glue boards are a very effective tool to trap small insects such as white fly. In nurseries these are a vital tool to minimise the white fly population which is the vector of the tomato yellow leaf curl virus (TYLCV). 

The IMPACT yellow glue board will remain active for most of the summer months (90 days). The glue used in the trap is clean and dry to touch (no mess).

IMPACT is also produced in different sizes to fit different applications. Impact yellow glue traps are also effective in trapping aphids, leaf miners and thrips.

Impact is a sticky trap for monitoring and controlling flying insects. The trap is coated with an adhesive impact of superior quality and is made of high quality polypropylene. The trap is specifically designed for catching insects, which are attracted to the sticky surface, and once caught are unable to escape.
Impact Trap is effective for 8-12 weeks.

User's Instructions:

- Place in the centre of the infected area of green, glass or plastic houses.
- Impact sticky board should be applied before the emergence of the first generation of infested insect and until the end of the season.
- Insects are attracted to specific colour wave lengths. The colour stimuli elicit response from insect. For identification of host, mating place and finding oviposition sites. For white fly and Aphids yellow colour board and for Thrips blue colour board has been proven to be a very effective attractant.
- As a result of attraction insect lands on sticky surface and get caught easily thus unable to escape


- Is provided with a dry adhesive (which allows use without making dirt);
- Easily attract insects;
- It is easy to handle;
- Organic.

Specifications of IMPACT yellow glue board:

Material: Plastic;
Color: yellow;
Size: 20 cm x 25 cm.

Application trap: The trap is placed in the center of the infested zone. Apply before the first generations of insects and is used until the end of the season. Insects are attracted to specific colors. Color stimuli determine attracting insects. Attractant trap is effective: whitefly (White fly) and aphids (aphids).

Impact is a colour sticky board coated with pressure sensitive dry adhesive. It is made of high quality polypropylene material. Impact boards are specially designed for capturing insects which are elicited by specific colour matrix. As a result of attraction insect lands on sticky board surface, get caught easily and unable to escape. Russell IPM manufactures Impact yellow and blue boards in three different dimensions. It is UV and sprinkler irrigation resistance board with an efficacy for over a period of 8-12 weeks. 

Key Advantages: 

- Dry glue board, No mess.
- Specific fluorescent yellow and blue colour.
- Easy to count trapped insects with grid lines.
- Highly attractive to insects.
- Easy to handle.
- Environmentally friendly

Specifications - Material: 

- Polypropylene Chromo-graphic Board
- Glue: Pressure sensitive hot melt adhesive, clean touch, both sides glued
- Colour: Yellow

Additional Information

More Information
Manufacturer Russell IPM
Packaging 1 piece
Crop pests aphids, whitefly
Trap type Glue
Usage Area Indoor, Outdoor
Crops Green plants, Indoor flowers, Ornamental plants, Succulent plants, Vegetables
Bio Crops Suitable