SX Lure Food Moth, 3 pieces

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SX Lure Food Moth, 3 pieces


Product information

SX-Lure is a food moth trap. It uses a pheromone attractant specific to food moths (Plodia Ephestia), which are easily attracted to the adhesive surface. By using several traps it is possible to determine the location of the infestation in the apartment. The trap can be used in enclosed spaces (grocery stores, kitchens, apartments, warehouses) to trap moths. 

SX-Lure comes in a cardboard box. The trap will also catch: Plodia interpunctella (Indian grain moth), Ephestia kuehniella (Mediterranean flour moth), Ephestia cautella and Ephestia elutella.

How to use:
Place it in the affected area, and wait for the moths to be attracted by the pheromone to the adhesive surface. Check it constantly.

The SXlure kitchen/food moth trap is ideal for detecting and catching moths in pantries, cupboards, and other areas where dry foods and cereals may come under attack. This adhesive trap is non-toxic and safe to use around children and pets.

Additional Information

More Information
Manufacturer Russell IPM
Packaging set of 3
Trap type Glue
Color Brown
Get rid of Moths of Food
Reusable Are not
Usage Area Indoor