Bird Spikes 60 Polix - 3 rows, 1 m

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eu repellent bird spikes 60 polix 3 rows - 8

Bird Spikes 60 Polix - 3 rows, 1 m


Product information

Anti bird spikes 60/3 is the ideal solution: effective but gentle to remove birds from areas such as balconies, roofs, grooves, cornices, window frames, monuments, churches, skylights, bridges or eaves. Easy to use, spikes prevent standing, nesting or deposition of corrosive materials (feces), preventing their placement in the protected area, without harming the bird. After a certain period, birds will definitely avoid protected areas.

Pigeons can cause a lot of problems when they are present in large numbers near human-inhabited areas, and their droppings are not only unsightly but a danger to health. Due to the fact that the pigeon is a flying bird, it needs enough space for landing. If this space is protected with such repellents, then birds look for other standing and nesting places.

How to use:
-They can be mounted on almost any surface by gluing with adhesive or silicone or by fixing with bolts through the specially attached holes depending on the base material. When installing with adhesive, it is necessary to pre-clean the surface on which it is mounted;
-Their base can be easily caught on the beams, bridges, and edges of buildings so that birds can not find a flat surface on which to sit. Because they are made of stainless steel, they do not oxidize and withstand moisture, whether it's rain or snow;
- Once mounted spikes can be opened, assuming fan-shaped, or can be attached directly, depending on your needs. If they are larger than the space required can be cut from them with scissors or pliers resistance to reach the right size.

- Prevents the formation of nests and deposition of excrement;
- Eliminates corrosion of metal surfaces protected;
- Reduce the risk of contracting diseases transmitted by birds;
- Easy mounting through screws, self-drilling screws, nails, or silicone adhesive;
- High resistance to atmospheric agents at temperatures between -30 ° and 150 ° C, flexibility;
- Very long usage time.


Spike size per linear meter                        80 in a fan, 13 cm long
Protected surface 8 cm in width, 100 cm in length, 10.5 cm in height
Number of rows 3
Material spikes Galvanized steel plated with zinc
Base material Polycarbonate, UV resistant
Can be used On balconies, roofs, gutters, cornices, window sills, historical monuments, churches, skylights, bridges and eaves.                                           

 The displayed price is for 1 linear meter (2 pcs x 50 cm).

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More Information
Manufacturer EU
Formulations Metal
Get rid of Birds
Type of effect Touch
Power Manual
Usage Area Indoor, Outdoor