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Dobol Fumigator, 100 g

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Can be used by
General public / amateur, Professional, Trained professional
Recomended against:
  • Ants,
eu kwizda insecticide dobol fumigator 100 g - 2

Dobol Fumigator, 100 g

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Product information

Dobol Fumigator, 100 g is a professional product for pest control that is easy to use and features an innovative new technology in insect control. This technology allows the entire eradication of insects by dry smoke diffusion, which spreads rapidly throughout the closed spaces that are being treated.

- Fast knock-down action against most crawling and flying insects;
- Acts quickly by contact;
- Offers long-lasting residual protection on any kind of surface;
- Noo risk of fire or explosion;
- Usable for both industrial and residential areas.

Action mode:
Dobol Fumigator helps eliminate insect infestations:
- The gas spreads into possible insect hiding or nesting spots that can be hard to reach when using insecticide spray;
- The active ingredient in the smoke particles disrupts the transmission of nervous impulses of the targeted insect, leading to hyperactivity, paralysis, and death.

Dobol Fumigator is designed for indoor use and uses Cyphenothrin as an active substance, an insecticide substance with proven efficiency against insects, even those that have developed resistance to other insecticides. Dobol Fumigator has delayed diffusion of the active compound, the smoke being released just minutes after the device is activated with water. This makes the product very easy to use, allowing the operator to avoid the smoke.

Methods of application:
- Dobol Fumigator comes ready-to-use, inside a special plastic container.
- Simply add water up to the level indicated on the side and evacuate the area.
- When used for the control of flying insects, a 20 g dose covers 100 m2.
- When used for the control of crawling insects, a 20 g dose covers 50 m2.

- Do not disperse the container into the atmosphere after use. It should be taken to special waste disposal sites.
- Do not remain in the treated area while the treatment is taking place.
- Remove pets from the treated area while the treatment is taking place.
- Do not use more products than specified on the label.

Please be sure to read, understand, and follow the full Conditions, Disclaimer, and Directions for Use. Use the appropriate personal safety equipment if required and when needed.

Additional Information

More Information
Manufacturer Kwizda
Packaging 100 g
Destination use General public / amateur, Professional, Trained professional
Shelf life (years) 2
Formulations Aerosol
Application Type Aerosol
Active Substances Cyphenothrin
Active Substance Concentration 72 gr./litre
Mode of action contact
Odor less
Get rid of Ants, Bed Bugs, Cockroaches American, Cockroaches German, Cockroaches Oriental, Fleas, Flies, Mites of Dust, Mosquitoes, Moths of Clothes, Moths of Food, Night Butterfly, Silverfish, Spiders, Stink Bugs, Vinegar Flies, Wasps, Wood Borers, Wood Lice, Wood Wasps

Precautionary Statements

P102 Keep out of reach of children
P103 Read label before use
P273 Avoid release to the environment
P301+P312 IF SWALLOWED: Call a POISON CENTER or doctor/physician if you feel unwell
P305+P351+P338 IF IN EYES: Rinse cautiously with water for several minutes. Remove contact lenses, if present and easy to do. Continue rinsing.
H302 Harmful if swallowed
H332 Harmful if inhaled.