Mouse Stop, 300 g

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Mouse Stop, 300 g


Product information

MouseStop can be quickly applied with a standard cartridge caulking gun and is instantly effective. Volume approx 300 ml.

Once applied, the barrier is immediately active. The outer surface will harden smoothly but the inside remains soft. When rodents breach the hardened surface its soft inner core immediately deters them.

How to use:
-The surface on which it is applied must be dry and clean. Remove loose material.
-Can be used for openings/pipes of at least 5 mm. Apply MouseStop with an applicator gun. The layer will be at least 10 mm thick.
-Always smooth with a spatula.
-The barrier becomes active immediately after the application
-The surface dries after 48 hours (at 20 degrees Celsius) and can be applied at temperatures between -50 and +90 degrees Celsius.

Durable and environmentally friendly: MouseStop is composed of natural oils, fibers, and fillers. MouseStop contains no pesticides or biocides making it a durable and environmentally friendly product.

Instantly Waterproof: MouseStop is instantly waterproof, a very important feature, the product cannot dissolve or soften when it comes in contact with water as the product would lose its effectiveness. When used in hygiene sensitive areas it is very important that the surface area can be cleaned with detergents without this effecting the product.

Integrated Pest Management: The most common approach to dealing with pests is using pesticides, as this is often not effective and certainly not animal friendly, preventive pest control has become a key aspect of any Integrated Pest Management System. An IPM approach does not include killing pests but deals with preventing the problem. MouseStop pest control paste prevents mice, rats, and insects from entering areas containing potential food sources.

Additional Information

More Information
Manufacturer iPestControl
Packaging 300 g
Formulations Gel
Get rid of Mice, Rats
Type of effect Touch
Power Manual
Usage Area Indoor, Outdoor