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eu igeba sprayer fogger unipro 2 - 12



Product information

The beginning of a new generation of equipment, having into a single device power, quality and an efficient quality-price ratio. Igeba UNIPRO 2 is a generator of cold mist with a compact design, for implementation and training in pest control, disinfection, the plants protection or control of the stored products. In particular, its construction rezistant to acidic substances gives this appliance a long life durability. The ULV method allows a minimum application rate on the application area in order to achieve efficient  and ecological/economical treatments for pest control.

The UNIPRO 2 carries the clearly structured conception of the UNIPRO 5 forward and offers additional benefits as well as a larger application spectrum in the fields of disinfection or pest control.

The maximum attention to the quality of the materials is a basic requirement for operating in optimal conditions, in order to obtain very good results, even when working with corrosive substances. The chemical substance is directed to the spray nozzle, where a compressed air explosion occurs from the blower which separates the chemical solution into droplets. A stainless steel nozzle ensures a constant application rate and uniform size droplets.
The spray nozzle works in a particular way, namely is designed to work in two stages. The drops flow  is supplied through the special nozzle without touching the interior surface. In comparison with the traditional method, the ULV method produces smaller drops. Therefore, more drops are produced from the same volume of chemical preparation. The small drops create a more dense fog, a better and efficient spray.

Technical features:


- Type - electric motor
- Power supply - 110/230 V - 50/60 Hz
- Performance (kW) - 1.2

Air compressor:

- Unloading ratio (m³/h/ft³/h) - 35/1236
- Pressure (bar) - 0.2
- Air Filter - Foam Filter
- Airflow speed at nozzle (approx. m/sec. / ft/sec) - 200/600


- Engine - ON/OFF switch
- Control solution - Open/Closed/Ventilation


- Type - stainless steel
- Dimensions - (cm) - 43 x 43 x 27.6

Additional Information

More Information
Manufacturer Igeba
Packaging 1 unit
Apparatus Type Cold Foggers
Color White
Power Electric Engine