TF-W 35

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TF-W 35


Product information

The device works with a spraying tube that has a one side opening (Schmidt Argus tube), which has a valve located on the inlet side (carburettor) and a hole for mist evacuation.

TF-W 35 - Special Execution of TF 35 for spraying only water based solutions.

The most important control elements of the standard model Igeba TF-W 35 are:
- the air pump;
- substance tap;
- substance tank;
- start engine button:
- fuel tank;
- adjustment pin;
- stop button;
- socket with nozzle for fog substance;
- fog substance tube.

The operating mode of the fog generator:
The device works with a spraying tube that has a one side opening (Schmidt Argus tube), which has a valve located on the inlet side (carburettor) and a hole for mist evacuation.

This system with a carburettor, mixture tube, the combustion chamber and the wave tube is hereby established as a acoustic vibrations system that has a certain frequency. The working frequency of the generator is approximately 100 Hz. Liquids can be entered in the gas jet through the opening in the exhaust resonating tube. The high frequency of the gas tube and the high speed of the gas allow the fragmentation of the flammable and sensitive substances in the processes of chemical decomposure, without the danger of decomposure after the short intervals abd remaining inside the gas stream.

The high gas temperature creates the optical fog effect by evaporation of certain components of the of the active substance solutions, for example: oils.

The flow rate (liters/hour) varies up to 20%, according to the nature and the composition of the substances used. Because of these variations we recommend that before using the device, it is necessary to perform a volume measurement of the quantity to be sprayed. This is particularly true in the case of countries with tropical climate. When using a water based solution, use the small size nozzle of maximum 1.0 and the mist substance special tube type W (109) for water based solutions.

Technical data TF-W 35:
- combustion chamber power, approx. 18.7 kW (25.4 hp);
- fuel consumption, about 2l/h;
- fuel tank capacity1.2l;
- normal petrol fuel;
- working pressure in the fuel tank, approx. 0.08 bar (8,000 Pa);
- electronic ignition, power supply type 4 x 1.5 batteries (Type LR20);
- sprayed solution flow/exit,. 8-42l/hour;
- distribution nozzles 0,6-2mm;
- residual liquid in the tank if the appliance is
in horizontal position approx. 0.25L;
- 10˚ tilt down under 0.03L;
- fuel tank capacity, about 5.7 l;
- working pressure in the substance tank, about 0.25 bar (25,000 Pa);
- weight empty tank, about 7.9 kg;
- dimensions (w x h x L) 27 x 34 x 137.5 cm;


TF-W 35 - Special Execution of TF 35 for spraying only water based solutions.

Additional Information

More Information
Manufacturer Igeba
Packaging 1 unit
Destination use Population, Professionals, Trained personnel
Apparatus Type Thermal Foggers
Apparatus Mobility Hand Carried
Color White
Tank Capacity 5.7 litres
Power Petrol Engine