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t30W Magnet


Product information

Green spaces and people's homes are always invaded by flying insects. The Ghilotina t30W Magnet is the most effective product to combat them. The UV light together with the adhesive plate doubles the insect-control power of the trap. Due to the attractive design, it can be used in different areas such as homes, hotels, restaurants, terraces, institutions, etc. The electro-insecticide is made of stainless steel, making it suitable for long-term use. 

Mode of action:

Insects are attracted to the UV light created by the tube inside the trap. The ingenious shape of the product together with the attached adhesive tape allows insects to be caught without the risk of being thrown out.
It is only necessary to replace the sticky plate each time it is completely covered with insects. The tubes are replaced once every 12 months, basically before the warm season.
The electro-insecticide should be placed at a height of about 1.5-2 meters, which is the height at which insects usually fly.
The electro-insecticide can be placed on the exterior and interior of the room.

Avoid using the device in extremely humid areas.

Ghilotina t30W Magnet covers an area of up to 90-100 sqm.

Technical specifications:

Power: 30 W.
Dimensions: 46 x 27 x 10 cm.
Warranty: 12 months.

The Ghilotina t30W Magnet electro-insecticide is used in conjunction with the Ghilotina t30W Magnet Adhesive Plate.

The Ghilotina t30W Magnet Adhesive Plate is purchased separately.

Additional Information

More Information
Manufacturer Ghilotina
Packaging 1 piece
Trap type Glue
Protected Surface 51 - 100 mp
Color Grey
Get rid of Flies, Mosquitoes, Moths of Clothes, Moths of Food, Night Butterfly
Reusable Can be
Usage Area Indoor