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CatchMaster Spider Web Fly Glue Trap - With over SIX THOUSAND square inches of surface area, this double-sided fly trap was designed to tackle the most severe fly infestations. Attractants include pheromones, food attractants, and AP&G Fluorescent Chartreuse Color.

Pull out in segments, & hang in areas with high fly populations. One trap can catch more than 100,000 flies. University tests have shown that when the Spider Web Fly Glue Trap is used at a rate of one trap per 600 sq. ft., high infestation areas were able to achieve 70-80% control without any use of pesticides! The double-sided roll easily unrolls to be hung vertically or horizontally for use in barns, greenhouses, chicken, sheep, hog, enclosures, garbage rooms or wherever flies are present in large numbers.

Catchmaster sticky trap Spider Web is the most effective and convenient way to catch flies. Spider Web is a premium formula for glue and a universal attractant test (fluorescent color). It was demonstrated that attract flying insects better than any other color combination. To Guaranteed Delivery, the trap contains an attractant and an attractant pheromone's power. The trap is 7m long and 27.9cm wide and is double-sided. Mounted horizontally above the high-density area of flies.

- Non toxic;
- Organic;
- Economical;
- A Web Spider trap can catch flies up to 100,000;
- Use a food attractant and pheromones.

1. Accessories included: sticky trap outer tube 2 clips, 2 caps a string, two hooks.
2. A hook is screwed on a beam, the rope is attached to the sticky trap hanging from the hook, then the tape can be released.
3. Roll the paper around the outer tube.
4. After the paper was rolled around the outer tube, fixed with the two clips.
5. The string included in the package will be connected to the outer tube.
6. The second hook will be screwed to the desired distance, then the sticky trap can be run. The rope tied to the outer tube will be hung from the second hook.
7. Horizontal installation option is preferred, but the sticky trap can be mounted vertically. For vertical mounting follow steps 1 through 4, and when the trap is full run-up to the outer tube. Reattach the clips and release the desired amount of tape.
8. For use in windy conditions, insert a hard object in the outer tube and secure it covers.

Includes Hanging Accessories Kit

Trap Size: 7 m x 30.5 cm

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Manufacturer CatchMaster
Packaging 1 piece
Trap type Glue
Color Yellow
Get rid of Flies
Reusable Are not
Usage Area Indoor