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Product information

The 72MB Glue Board Series is available in different strengths and with various food grade attractants to fit your needs. Our 72MB Series traps will not harden, even after the release paper is removed, for at least one full year when used under normal conditions.

CatchMaster Glue Boards are used by most Professional Pest Control Companies than any other type. Here at A & E, we believe they are the best glue board for sale today. Each of these glue boards has a Peanut Butter Scent.

We believe the 72MB Glue boards are the very best mouse and insect boards on the market today. We carry the Peanut Butter Scented** glue boards, as this is the most popular with the pest control industry and homeowners alike. With these glue boards, you will catch almost any type of small pest including mice, small mammals, insects, and many other small pests. Many professionals use the CatchMaster Glue boards for Spider Traps and monitors in homes or businesses, this will let them know if there is a problem and the general area. Many times the CatchMaster Glue Boards are the only pest control needed.

How to use:
Very easy, place it in the affected area and wait for the rodents to get caught. Check every once in a while.

Great for use in homes, restaurants, bars, offices, etc. We have caught everything from spiders, roaches, mice, and even snakes. It will catch anything that lands on the glue. If the glue is picked up by your pets or other animals you can use vegetable oil to break the adhesive properties.

Catchmaster glue boards are manufactured with superior glue that is non-toxic to people and pets. The glue is formulated to reduce hardening and prevent running when exposed to heat. The manufacturer, Atlantic Paste & Glue has over 100 years of experience in the formulation of glues, this tells us they are pretty good at what they do.

- CatchMaster Glue Boards are for anyone wanting to Go Green
- Large glue surface - 32 square inches
- Simply the best adhesive formula available
- Perforated to tear off and place glue directly against baseboards to secure traps and prevent drag off
- Perforated folds for folding into tunnel shape for use in tight or dusty areas
- Folding the glue boards greatly increases the life of the board
- Easy to use IPM weekly / monthly record keeper

TRAP SIZE: All 72MB Glue Boards are 8.5" x 5.25", (21.6 x 13.3 cm)
If you have a Peanut Allergy Please Choose the NO Scent Glue Boards.
In high dust and sensitive areas you can use our CatchMaster Trap Guard, it will make your glue boards last longer in dusty areas and hide the captured pests so customers or other people from seeing the rodents or other pests.

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Manufacturer CatchMaster
Packaging 1 piece
Trap type Glue
Color White
Get rid of Mice
Reusable Are not
Usage Area Indoor