Eclipse (Glueboard Unit)

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Eclipse (Glueboard Unit)


Product information

Eclipse is the result of fusion between UVA transmission technology and customer demands. Effective control for flying insects. This product can be found in 3 colours: black, white and aluminium.


- Public areas

- Food stores

- Kitchens

- Food processing industry




Glue board (s) - 1x PAT89 / 1

Lamp (s) - 2 X 15 Watt (PAT89 / 2)

Mounting - Wall

Dimensions - 410hx 302w x 95dmm

Weight - 1.93kg

Additional Information

More Information
Manufacturer Brandenburg
Packaging 1 piece
Formulations Metal
Trap type Ultraviolet light
Protected Surface 0 - 5 mp
Color Grey
Get rid of Flies, Mosquitoes, Moths of Clothes, Moths of Food, Night Butterfly, Stink Bugs
Reusable Can be
Power Grid
Usage Area Indoor